Most startup firms can use all the assistance they can get. In turning to Executive Synergies, one high-tech startup that provides management of group benefits got invaluable help in more areas than they expected.

From the beginning, Executive Synergies helped the firm define its business strategy and develop a plan to manage its rapid growth. We also helped define the functional requirements for an information system, and design and develop both a relational database management system and a client web interface to that system. Part of our strategy was to help them grow by focusing on their areas of core strength. To accomplish that, we arranged for the outsourcing of their call center to a world-class organization that could provide superior customer service without any drain on the company's own internal resources and core competencies.

We helped them develop an affordable sales and marketing plan, and even worked with their advertising agency to create a graphic identity in keeping with their strategic vision. Our multidisciplinary approach enabled us to work across all functional areas of their organization to create a fully integrated strategy. As a result, they have been able to go to market presenting a consistent, cohesive and powerful face to their customers and the financial accomplishment rarely seen in new companies...and a real competitive advantage.