Michael W. Mercer, Ph.D. Affiliate Principal

Mike is a highly experienced management consultant with recognized expertise in leadership styles, profit improvement methods for staff departments, high-performance hiring, bringing about organizational change and improving "people" skills for greater business effectiveness. Prior to becoming a consultant, he held management positions at Baxter Travenol and Mobil Oil. In addition to his affiliation with Executive Synergies, he is founder and currently president of Mercer Systems, Inc., a consulting firm that provides assistance to organizations in profit improvement techniques and efficient hiring practices. He has authored several popular business books, has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV talk shows, including The Today Show, Oprah and several other major network outlets. He has developed two preemployment tests that help forecast employee potential. Dr. Mercer has authored articles or been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, US News & World Report and other publications. He is past president of the Illinois Psychological Association and former chairman of the Division of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.