Executive Assessments (internal and candidate talent): Through an in-depth interactive approach to profiling, we assist you not only in clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of current executives and senior managers, but in how to best develop their individual and collective potential to achieve your business objectives. We also evaluate those who may be waiting in the wings or are being considered for hire from the outside to supplement your existing talent pool. In all cases, recommendations for development are made within the context of your existing and desired corporate culture, specific business growth-curve phase, industry cycle and strategic vision. We can even help determine who would fit best with existing team members and your culture, and how well individuals might handle given positions, as well as the impact their addition might have on current team members. If appropriate, we will work with you to benchmark your existing talent to gain or maintain a competitive edge, refocus your hiring strategy and/or prepare for a merger, acquisition or to take the firm public.